Memorial Plaza Location

The Buffalo Soldiers memorial will be located in plaza area just outside of the Quincie Douglas Neighborhood Center.  This area is also adjacent to the Quincie Douglas Library.

The Quincie Douglas Neighborhood Center and Library is located at 36th Street and Kino Avenue in the South Park neighborhood.  South Park is one of Tucson's five historic Black neighbors.  The benefits of having the Buffalo Soldier memorial locate here include the following:

1.  South Park is one of Tucson's five historic Black neighbors
2.  Available unused space
3.  Close proximately to the main building which allows for the following:
  •       More secure surroundings that can reduce the threat of vandalism 
  •       Close to available power outlet
  •       Shade and existing landscaping
4.  Close proximately to the Quincie Douglas Library.  In addition to the memorial, there
     is a possibility of developing a historical area in the Quincie Douglas Library featuring
     the Buffalo Soldiers.  
5.  Easily accessible to 100% of our target audience
6.  The memorial plaza will be across the street from the proposed University of Arizona Bio Park.