The Memorial Monument Design

 Memorial Monument Design

The memorial monument will be constructed of North American Pink granite and placed on a colored textured concrete pad.  The choice of North American Pink is conducive to the “high temperature summer” environment.  The shape of the monument is trapezoid.  The monument design lends itself to telling the history of the Buffalo Soldiers.  The Tucson Marble and Granite Company proposes the base to inset into the concrete to provide stability, and that the table is pinned to the base.

The memorial has three pieces:

A foundation base.

The middle granite piece will be trapazoid in shape.  The front facing will provide the public with a short Buffalo  Soldiers historical overview (abbreviate as necessary) and will be adorned as indicated in the picture below. 
The Right Side:  Inlays of the three Buffalo Soldiers who received the Medal of Honor while stationed in Arizona. The inlays will include a short biographical overview of  actions that led to the MOH award.

The Left Side:  Inlay of map of Arizona identifying the Forts/Camps where the Buffalo  Soldier units served along with significant sites of Buffalo Soldiers events. The four Buffalo Soldiers regiments crest (logos) will be prominently displayed as shown below.

The top granite block piece will identify the names of Tucson Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Plaza Committee, major donors and city dedication statement.